Aims and scope

Finnish Economic Papers (FEP) is a scholarly international journal published biannually by the Finnish Economic Association. The journal is peer-reviewed with a double-blind referee process. The objective of FEP is to communicate results of high quality economic analysis to economic scholars and policymakers.

Finnish Economic Papers welcomes unpublished scholarly research in all fields of economics. Both empirical and theoretical manuscripts in economics are welcome, and surveys are also considered for publication. In particular, FEP welcomes research on topics that are of high relevance for economic policy in Nordic and other European countries.

Two options for submission of manuscripts in Finnish Economic Papers

Besides the regular submission procedure with a possibility of soliciting a revision, the Finnish Economic Papers provides the no revision option for submitting papers to the journal. This option provides a particularly fast publishing avenue for good quality papers.

The purpose of the no revision option is to considerably shorten the lag between submission and the final publication of papers. Under the no revision policy the submitted paper is either published or rejected directly, without a request for a revision. As in the case of a regular submission, the editors make the decision about the paper based on the recommendations of anonymous referees. Referees evaluate the paper and make a suggestion either to publish or not publish the paper in the Finnish Economic Papers. The author will also receive regular referee reports.

If a paper submitted via the no revision option is accepted for publication, the author is able to publish the paper without any changes. (The author will be allowed to incorporate some changes based on the referees’ comments, but these revisions will not be a prerequisite for publication.) If the paper is rejected the author has no possibility to revise the paper, or to submit the paper to the regular track submission with the possibility to revise the paper.

The regular submission procedure offered by the Finnish Economic Papers follows the standard format: the editors may either accept or reject the paper based on referee reports, or request a revision.

When submitting a paper, the author must clearly state (in the letter to the editor) in which track the paper is to be evaluated:

  1. regular submission with revision option
  2. no revision option.