Deaton Review is an international research project which gathers evidence on inequalities from top researchers around the world. The Country Studies reports present evidence on inequalities in the labour markets from 17 economies in a comparable manner across several domains. VATT and the Finnish Economic Association organize a seminar on January 11th, 2024, where researchers present findings from the Finnish report as well as international comparisons from the 17 countries.

The Deaton Review is an ambitious research project studying the many forms of inequalities. The project is led by an interdisciplinary panel of top researchers and chaired by Angus Deaton (Princeton University). Deaton received the Nobel prize in economics in 2015 for his work on consumption, poverty and wellbeing.

One part of the vast project are the country studies, which study inequalities over a long time horizon in 17 European and North American countries. These reports focus in particular on inequalities in the labour market, looking also at education, social benefits and taxation, gender differences and family structures. The Finnish report was prepared by VATT researchers Tuuli Paukkeri, Terhi Ravaska and Marja Riihelä. The report presents evidence on inequality in Finland during 1987-2021.

Seminar programme

VATT and the Finnish Economic Association host a seminar on the Deaton Review Country Studies on January 11th, 2024, at 2-3:30 pm in the Lecture hall. Seminar speakers present findings from the Finnish report as well as cross-country comparisons from the 17 reports.

14.00             Opening words

Tanja Saxell (VATT & Aalto University), Chairperson of the Finnish Economic Association

14.05             Deaton Review Country Studies: Results from Finland

Terhi Ravaska (VATT & Tampere University) 

14.25             International comparisons from Deaton Review Country Studies

Jonathan Cribb (Institute for Fiscal Studies) 

15.05             Commentaries

Olli Kärkkäinen, Ministry of Finance

Antti Kauhanen, Etla

15:15             Discussion

15:30             Coffee

The seminar is chaired by VATT senior researcher Tuuli Paukkeri. The seminar language is English. Coffee will be served outside the Lecture hall after the seminar.

Welcome to the seminar!

Deaton Review seminar, January 11th, 2024